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Balanced Achievement 101 (Quick Hitters)

In hopes of giving you a better understanding of the philosophical foundation at Balanced Achievement, we have created a ‘Balanced Achievement 101’ series that reviews the various components that merge together to form our teaching ideology. In each article (links can be found at the bottom of this page) we outline the given topic, discuss important historical information, and examine key educational concepts that are relevant to the teachings at Balanced Achievement. In this article, we explore a condensed version of our teaching philosophy in Balanced Achievement 101 (Quick Hitters).

The 10 Philosophical Principles of Balanced Achievement:

1.) Balanced Achievement is dedicated to distributing information from the realms of Eastern Spirituality (Buddhism & Hinduism) and Western Psychology (Modern & Self-Help).

2.) We are committed to creatively finding ways to assimilating spiritual and psychological teachings together in a way that gives you the clearest path towards success, happiness, and fulfillment.

3.) We believe that meditation is the single most important personal practice for individuals to undertake, as it allows them to get in touch with their true self, helps them uncover their true desires, and assists them in the process of creating their ideal life.

4.) We aim to show how a balanced approach to living, in every area of your existence, can greatly increase your levels of life satisfaction. Some of the areas that we believe need to be balanced are: Spiritual & Psychological Well-Being, Internal & External Success, Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation, as well as the life areas of Personal & Intellectual, Relationships & Communication, Career & Finances, and Health & Fitness.

5.) From the religion of Buddhism, we strive to show how meditation, as well as the development of compassion and contentment can greatly enhance the quality of you life.

6.) We use the teachings of great Hindu seers and sages to help you find your life purpose (Dharma), live in a way that is beneficial for the greater global good (Karma), and connect to the one divine source shared by all (Atman & Brahman).

7.) From a psychological perspective, we merge Carl Rogershumanistic approach with tools and strategies from the fields of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Personal Development to give you the greatest levels of personal empowerment.

8.) Our teachings, which are internally centered, show how focusing on inner exploration and growth leads to external success and happiness.

9.) Our philosophy aims to show you how it is possible to relish in the gifts of the material world without attaching yourself to them, which is vital because of the impermanent nature of everything.

10.) We believe that you can take control of your psychological and emotional states of well-being by connecting to the deepest part of yourself, your soul, and taking personal responsibility for your current situation and circumstances.

Balanced Achievement 101 Series:

Balanced Achievement 101 (Quick Hitters)
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