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iThrive: 1000 Life Hacks

What if I told you that there was an App that gives you access to well over 1000 tips, tricks, and hacks that you can utilize to enhance your life in a variety of ways? Luckily for us all, there is. The 1000 Life Hacks App, for Android and Apple iOS, houses an abundance of brilliant ideas for our everyday problems.

iThrive: 1000 Life Hacks:

The 1000 life hacks App icon is shown.App: 1000 Life Hacks

Cost: Basic Version- Free, Pro Version- $0.99

App Focus: Productivity, Time-Saving Efficiency

1000 Life Hacks Overview:

Have you ever heard a song that you absolutely loved, but couldn’t remember the lyrics you needed to find and download it? Have you ever seen an outfit worn by your favorite TV sitcom character that you desperately wanted to buy, but didn’t know how to find it? Is there something that you are eager to study, but don’t have the necessary resources to pay for expensive university courses? Fortunately for you, answers to questions such as these can be found in one convenient iOS and Android App called 1000 Life Hacks. This incredibly useful app contains loads of tricks, tips, and hacks that can make your life more enjoyable, save you money, and help you with time management.

In 2015, an up-and-coming App developer by the name of Peter Schwarz released 1000 Life Hacks, which provides solutions to many of the tedious and frustrating problems that we encounter in our everyday lives. The clever app has over 1000 hacks that cover a wide variety of topics and subjects.

A 1000 life hacks money idea is shown. It tells us that in October we can save up to 40% on most electronics. The free version of the 1000 Life Hacks App comes with tips and tricks that cover 3 categories (Popular, Tech, & Gadgets), but if you are willing to pay just $0.99, you will get access to those as well as hacks that cover 4 additional subjects (Money, General, Food, & a GIF section with short videos). Within these 7 overarching categories, you can find well over 1000 useful tips that can help you improve your life in a wide variety of ways. Let’s take a closer look to see what types of things you will find in some of the categories:

  • Life Hacks Tech: Did you know that instead of paying for expensive airport WIFI you can add “?.jpg” at the end of any URL to gain free internet access? The Tech category of 1000 Life Hacks highlights numerous technological solutions that can make our lives easier. You may be interested in learning about an App that solves math equations by simply pointing your iPhone camera at the problem, or you may want to find visit-worthy attractions that you will pass on your next road trip. Tips such as these, and much more, can be found in the Tech category.
  • Life Hacks Food: If you are feeling stressed out, or are trying to lose weight, the Food category of the App can offer up solutions that will make feel better and look thinner. 
  • Life Hacks Money: Maybe the most useful category found within the Life Hacks App is the section dedicated to money. There are plenty of useful tips that you can use to save money on travel, pay off student loans, and budget your expenses.
  • Like Hacks General: If none of the above have interested you then at least there is a variety of fun and useful hacks that are found in the General category. For example, if you want to spice up your next late-night party, you may want to tape glow-sticks to your ceiling fan, or if you have a bruise, you can soak a cotton ball in white vinegar and rub it on the affected area to reduce the darkness of it. The general category also offers solutions that can help us get organized and reacquire lost time.

The 1000 Life Hacks App offers us information and strategies that can greatly enhance our lives and presents them to us with a fun simple design. The sheer number of tips, tricks, and hacks that come with the Pro Version for only $0.99, makes it an App that shouldn’t be passed up on.

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