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The Weekly 5: Laws of Personal Development

In Balanced Achievement’s ‘The Weekly 5’ series, we aim to present you with five ideas, products, or personal development concepts that will motivate you to take steps towards enhancing the quality of your life. We will look at a wide variety of topics with information that can assist you on the road toward ultimate fulfillment. This week, we look at five important Laws of Personal Development that we must adhere to.

Laws of Personal Development:

Within every study of life, there are particular universal laws that govern the mechanics of how the world works and outline the processes for how people and things operate. While the laws of physics tell us how elementary and sub-atomic particles interact, the laws of astronomy show us how the planets revolve around the sun. In the world of personal development, there are also universal laws that show us how individuals can achieve great things.

Regardless of the field, industry, or profession, the world’s most successful people adhere to the laws of personal development in a way that all but assures their success. While many of the world’s most accomplished individuals may not be consciously aware of acting in accordance with these laws, it is certain that they are. Anyone who is hoping to improve the quality of their life and increase their levels of life satisfaction can virtually guarantee their own success by simply abiding by the laws of personal development.

Before we begin to examine five of the most important personal development laws, it should be pointed out that while material possessions and wealth are appealing, these should be viewed as only byproducts of the more important process of turning ourselves into better individuals. Take it from self-help legend Zig Ziglar:

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Now let’s move on to exploring five of the most important laws of personal development:

1.) The Law of Intentionality:

A overshot is shown of a man working on a computer with papers and diagrams in front of him. One laws of personal development is the law of incremental improvement which says we must envision and plan for our future.In order to reach or achieve any individual personal development goal, we will first have to form the intention to do so. Success and happiness assuredly won’t manifest in our lives unless we deliberately envision, plan, and act in ways that produce the results we are after. Unless you are intentional in your personal development approach, your dreams will remain what they are today, dreams. Renowned leadership and personal growth expert John C. Maxwell understands this truth well and tells us:

 We don’t improve by simply living. We have to be intentional about it.”

2.) The Law of Action:

Having the intention to succeed in personal and professional development endeavors is the starting point of all great achievement, yet unless we take decisive action, we will remain stuck in neutral. Oftentimes individuals will have the intention to improve themselves and gain vital knowledge they can use on the path towards success, but will still struggle to put their feet to the pavement. The Law of Action states that in order for us to accomplish our goals, we will need to take action on a constant and continuous basis. When we take definitive action on a regular basis and overcome our fears, we assuredly will succeed. Take it from Christopher Columbus, the man who discovered America after sailing the ocean blue in 1492:

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

3.) The Law of Incremental Improvement:

A turtle is shown walking slowly across a sandy beach. This picture represents the laws of personal development and incremental improvement.When many individuals first set out on the paths of personal development and goal achievement, they fail to realize that success and happiness is a process that takes time. The truth is that nothing worthwhile of achieving happens overnight, and when individuals foolishly expect to see massive gains in a short amount of time, they set themselves up for frustration and failure. If we plan on succeeding in the biggest ways, we should be prepared to persistently work over an adequate period of time. The Law of Incremental Improvement tells us that by accumulating the required knowledge, skills, and abilities little by little day after day, we will eventually accomplish what it is we set out to achieve. Martin Luther King Jr. was up against all odds when he was working to help African-Americans gain equal rights, yet understood the importance of continuously moving toward the objective. He told us:

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving.”

4.) The Law of Intelligent Persistence:

The Law of Intelligent Persistence adds a unique twist to the more commonly known Law of Persistence, which states that we must be able to persist when we encounter setbacks and obstacles on the path toward success. The Law of Persistence also tells us that we must form an unwavering belief in ourselves and fully commit to achieving the things that we most desire. The truths that are found in this valuable personal development law are important for us to follow, however, we have the ability to further enhance our chances for success by persisting with intelligence. Instead of clawing our way through setbacks and challenges, we should welcome them as learning opportunities. There is no doubting the fact that within every perceived failure is the opportunity for growth, and by cultivating the belief that ‘failure’ is nothing more than an opportunity to learn, we can ensure that we stay on the path towards success. Henry Ford, the immortal industrialist, and founder of Ford Motor Company knew this law well and told us:

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”

5.) The Law of Integrity:

A man is shown greeting an autistic boy with a huge smile on both of their faces. The laws of personal development tell us that integrity and kindness are must.The last law of personal development that we will look at is The Law of Integrity. This immensely important law tells us that as our quest for greatness plays out, we must consciously behave in ways that we believe are ethical. When you set out for success, integrity should be one of the most important qualities to focus on developing because it is imperative to enjoy true and sustainable happiness. If you are succeeding without integrity, you will remain unfulfilled and discontent at the deepest levels of your being. Take it from W. Clement Stone, one of the founding fathers of the personal development industry, who tells us:

Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.”

If you currently have goals or plan to set them in the near future, it is important to remember that achievement is a process that takes time. By following these five laws of personal development, and remaining patient with your results, you assuredly will be on your way to achieving great things. You should also consciously remind yourself that while the external rewards you obtain may be nice, it is the internal satisfaction that comes with personal growth that you should value more. Now, we can end this article with a quote from the great American writer Henry David Thoreau:

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

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