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The Weekly 5: Laws of Spirituality

In our ‘Weekly 5’ series, we aim to present you with 5 ideas, products, or publications that you can utilize to enhance the quality of your life. We will look at a wide variety of topics, with helpful information, that can assist you in your pursuit of fulfillment. Previously, we looked at the and this week we shift our attention to the universal Laws of Spirituality.

The 5 Laws of Spirituality:

There is a boundless amount of wisdom, throughout the teachings of the Eastern spiritual traditions, which reveal the universal laws of spirituality. When you understand these teachings and laws, you can determine what actions will help you produce the results that you desire at the deepest level of your being.

While it is common in the Western world for individuals to tirelessly strive for external achievement, regardless of the price it cost, the Laws of Spirituality can remind us of how our universe actually works. These 5 Laws that have been selected to advocate the understanding of the universal variables that determine the direction of your life. By adhering to these truths, you can undoubtedly increase the levels of happiness and fulfillment that you experience.

1.) The Law of Karma:

Often referred to as the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Karma states that each time you make a decision and act upon it, there will be an equal or greater reaction returned to you. When you chose actions based upon compassion, charity, and loving-kindness, you can expect similar reactionary events to occur in your life. Similarly, when your actions are based upon feelings of hatred and separation, you will encounter various instances and events that resemble your negatively driven actions.

It is important to consciously and consistently act in accordance with the Law of Karma, and your actions need to be propelled by complete honesty and sincerity. You shouldn’t do a kind deed because you want to reap the Karmic rewards but instead strive to act compassionately because it is the right thing to do. You shall receive no rewards for unwholesome acts of kindness, so it’s vitally important to find ways to help others with the right understanding.

2.) The Law of Attraction:

If you were to go to your local Barnes & Noble, you would surely be able to find several books centered around the Law of Attraction. It is one of the most popular universal laws to live by, and tell us that the things an individual attracted to them are a direct reflection of the type of person that they are. Your health, current financial situations, relationships, and ambitions are directly related to the type of person you have become up until this point in time.

The Law of Attraction is based upon the idea that like attracts like, so instead of tirelessly searching for someone or something, you should focus your attention on becoming that type of person. You should strive to develop habits that are related to your desires, and these things will inevitably manifest in your reality. By focusing your attention on turning yourself into the type of person that has the things you desire, you will soon find yourself in a situation where your dreams for the future have turned into your everyday reality.

3.) The Law of Dharma:

It is often said that one of the most important things you can do in your life is to find your calling. The Law of Dharma has a variety of meanings, all of which are worthwhile to explore and adhere to, but one particular variation is of great significance. This particular version of the Law of Dharma states that everyone in this world has a unique and important role to play.

We each have been blessed with special talents and skills that are to be given to others as a gift. When we are able to find our unique gifts and offer them to the world with generosity, we will experience unfound levels of bliss because we are acting in accordance with our deepest nature. Prominent spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra regularly discusses the importance of the Law of Dharma, as he does here in this  short video:

4.) The Law of Abundance:

Citizens of the Western world have been predisposed to behave in a competitive way. We believe that ‘we have to get our’s before somebody takes it.’ When we live our lives from this mindset, we struggle with fear, jealousy, and suspicion. Our attention stays focused on the things in life that we are lacking, and our internal moods reflect this belief. In reality, however, the universe is abundant in all that one desires.

The Law of Abundance states that there is an unlimited amount of anything and everything that we could ever want or need. When we think and act with the mindsets of poverty, scarcity, and greed, we will certainly experience life with these inhibitions. Whatever we focus our mind on will directly relate to our experiences, so make sure to find abundance in every area of your life. In the famous Hindu Upanishads scriptures it says:

From abundance he took abundance, and still abundance remains.”

5.) The Law of One:

Jesus is famously quoted as saying, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and this is what the Law of One is based upon. While it is easy to see differences at the surface level of each individual, the truth is that we are all born with the same intellectual energy. We are all components of a much more important and significant scheme.

To adhere to the Law of One is to relinquish the habits of judgment and aversion towards others, instead living from a place of complete acceptance and compassion towards all. For many, this is a difficult law to live by, but by analyzing the deeper nature of the things you are judging, you will find the connection that we all share.

At the most minute levels of our beings, we are nothing but tiny particles of matter, called Kalapas, and beyond our physical and mental structures, you can find a collective consciousness shared by all. When you search for, and find oneness with the world, you will be able to relax and enjoy the bountiful gifts that can be received at any time.

As you can now hopefully see, by making the commitment to adhere to these 5 Laws of Spirituality, you can expect your life to blossom like a Lotus Flower making its way from murky water toward the sun.

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