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Five Immense Health Benefits of Lemons

The solutions are here. They have always been here. Food does matter.” These are the words of leading health expert David Wolfe who is a major promoter of raw food intake and superfood consumption. In 2009, Wolfe published the wildly popular book ‘Superfoods,’ which outlines a variety of foods, primarily fruits, and vegetables, that come with enormous health benefits. Research has shown us that an individual’s diet contributes to their health in numerous ways. Our longevity in life, daily energy, susceptibility to disease, and levels of productivity are largely shaped by the foods that we intake.

To truly lead healthy and fulfilling lives, it is important for us to consciously replace fatty meats, fried foods, and sugary desserts with as many superfood fruits and vegetables as possible. It is certain that the answers to many of our physical, mental, and emotional ailments can be conveniently found in the produce section of the local grocery store.

One superfood that Wolfe, and every other leading diet expert, believes is worth promoting is the lemon. The health benefits that one can receive from regularly consuming the famously yellow fruit have been widely documented since the superfood craze sprouted in America over the past 10 years. After you understand what the health-promoting qualities of this acidic superfood are, and know the simplest ways to consume the wholesome nutrients found inside of them, you will be eager to put lemons on your next grocery list.

Five Health Benefits of Lemons:

There are numerous health benefits of lemons that make it a key fruit to add to your diet. A basket of lemons is show.There are well over 20 scientifically proven health benefits that you can receive from consuming lemons on a daily basis. Lemons contain high amounts of antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, alkaline, and fiber that help us stay healthy, get fit, and feel more energized on a daily basis. Since the fruit is loaded with these varied health-promoting properties, individuals can receive benefits at the physical, psychological, and emotional levels. Let’s look at five of the most important health benefits of lemons:

1.) Lemons Reduce the Risk of Disease:

The realities of old age, disease, cancer, and death aren’t the most comforting ideas to think about. We are continuously searching for ways to fight off these life deterrents, and by regularly consuming lemons we can reduce our risk of disease and prevent cancer. The antibacterial and antioxidant properties of lemons help to fight off disease, while high levels of alkaline make it hard for cancer cells to survive. Some studies have even made the claim that lemon consumption has the potential to be more effective than chemotherapy at treating cancer.

2.) Lemons Aid in Weight Loss:

The use of lemons in weight-loss programs has become a popular tool for individuals who are trying to shed extra pounds. It can be challenging to find natural solutions to help us lose weight, but lemons offer numerous elemental components that can aid the process. For example, lemons contain pectin fiber which represses hunger cravings. You can also speed up your metabolism, which is vital for weight loss, by drinking warm lemon water in the morning.

3.) Lemons Cleanses the Body:

The cleansing abilities of lemons stretch far beyond the recognizable floor and counter cleaners that we use to freshen up our homes. You can continuously cleanse the inner organs of your body by regularly consuming lemons. A wide range of scientific research has shown how lemons can actively cleanse your blood, arteries, and liver.

4.) Lemons Fight Respiratory Infections:

As the seasons change throughout the year, we become susceptible to various respiratory infections that leave us with sore throats and harsh coughs. When we are bitten by a seasonal bug, the consumption of lemons can give us immediate relief from our discomfort and help flush the infection out of our system. The anti-inflammatory property of lemons can help soothe a sore throat, strengthen the immune system, and reduce fever.

5.) Lemons Rejuvenate and Revitalize:

Most of us regrettably rely on too much coffee to start each day. We feel like we lack focus without it and usually remain sluggish until we get our hands on the first cup of joe. You can choose hot lemon water, or lemon-enhanced tea, in favor of coffee and experience more than comparable returns. Lemons have the highest concentration of negative ions out of any fruit, which promotes alertness by increasing the oxygen flow to the brain. Lemons also are naturally rich in electrolytes and vitamin C which helps to rejuvenate and revitalize our skin.

Lemon Consumption Made Easy:

The numerous health benefits of lemons could certainly entice anyone, who wants to live a healthier life, to try to find ways to incorporate more of the acidic fruit into their diet, but a major problem remains. Unlike many of their citrus fruit cousins, Lemons pack a mouth-puckering punch of sourness that is too much to handle on its own. Rarely do our mouths start watering when we see lemons in the grocery store. In order to obtain the numerous health benefits lemons offer us, we can use the fruit in unfamiliar yet tasty ways.

7 lemons sit on a white table cloth. The health benefits of lemons are immense.

To make lemon consumption easier, there is really one step that you will need to take. All you have to do is create your own lemon juice/concentrate, which can be added to a variety of drinks. To make the juice or concentrate, buy a few lemons and blend the flesh, or insides, of them together with a bit of lemon zest and a small amount of water. After you have this concoction, you can store it in the refrigerator and use a tasteful amount with hot or cold water, tea, or in a smoothie with other fruits and vegetables.

To start this article we introduced David Wolfe, who is a world-leading diet expert, and it may only be fitting be close this piece with one of his innovative ideas that makes lemon consumption easier. He tells us that we can make a juice/concentrate similar to the one listed above and freeze the liquid into ice cube trays. You can then add these cubes to water, and smoothies, or even melt one of them into your favorite meal.

If you are serious about getting healthy, it shouldn’t take much to realize that the health benefits of lemons are immense. By regularly consuming this superfood, you will certainly feel healthier, happier, and more energized throughout your day.

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